Labor & Employment Services

When you have an employment-related concern, it is important to work with an employment lawyer you can trust. Business Law Centre assists businesses and individuals with all types of employment law matters. Whether your business is big or small, you can count on our Eugene, OR law firm to provide reliable, high-quality legal representation.

Comprehensive Employment Legal Services

Business Law Centre represents business clients in the following employment law matters:

• Workplace Discrimination
• Sexual Harassment
• Workers’ Compensation
• Family and Medical Leave Act
• Employee Termination
• Labor Relations
• Immigration
• Unlawful Employment Practices

We also draft comprehensive contracts to protect your business, including employee handbooks, non-compete agreements, confidentiality agreements, employment contracts, consulting agreements and independent contractor agreements. Our clients trust us to protect their businesses from the threat of costly litigation.

Why Does Your Business Need an Employment Lawyer?

Employment law governs the relationship between an employer and its employees. Because employment law is highly complex and can change quickly, we cannot stress enough the importance of consulting with a knowledgeable attorney to help you make informed employment decisions that minimize your risk of a lawsuit.

As an employer, you have enough to worry about without the fear of being sued. Business Law Centre will take a look at your policies, contracts and procedures to make sure you are protected. If your business is hit with a lawsuit, however, you can rest assured that we have your back and will fight to protect your business.

Knowledgeable and Client-Focused Employment Lawyers

Business Law Centre is a client-driven law firm. Clients count on us to provide prompt and reliable legal advice for all of their employment law questions. We provide a wide range of high-quality legal representation to our business clients. Although we cannot guarantee that you will never be part of a labor dispute, we can make sure you take all the right steps to protect your business.

If your company is sued, you can rest assured that we will cover all of the bases to protect your company’s assets. The firm is staffed with skilled employment lawyers who have received thorough training on how to conduct effective workplace investigations. Our goal is to resolve any employee disputes internally, negating the need for expensive and time-consuming litigation. If an internal resolution is not reached, the investigation can provide a strong defense at trial.

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Business Law Centre has been providing legal representation to Oregon businesses of all sizes since 1999. Our employment lawyers understand the complexities of running a business and managing employees. We are also knowledgeable about state and federal employment laws. Let us help give you peace of mind that your business is protected from costly litigation.

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