What is a trademark? A trademark is a distinguishable source-identifier for goods and/or services. For example,, , and .

How to establish a trademark? Federal (or state) registration is not required to establish a trademark. First to use in commerce in connection with goods and/or services can establish a trademark, which is also known as a common law trademark. However, federal registration provides many critical benefits that a common law trademark does not have. An application for federal trademark registration should be filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Trademark issues arise more often than many business owners realize. Do you know that your business may be prohibited from expanding into other areas because someone else has federal trademark registration of the trademark even though your use of the trademark was first in your local area? Do you know your unregistered trademark or even a phrase you use on your business Website may potentially infringe someone else’s trademark? Talk to us before issues arise.

We will conduct a trademark search and provide a report of our findings.
We will assist you in obtaining federal and state trademark registrations.
We will review existing term sheets, prepare license agreements, and advise you in order for you to maximize your trademark value and avoid unintended abandonment of your trademark.
We will prepare assignments of trademarks and file recordation with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
We will advise you on other aspects of trademark law.


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