What is a copyright? A copyright is a type of intellectual property, which gives the creator of an original work that is fixed in a tangible expression the rights to reproduce, distribute copies, perform publicly, display publicly, and prepare derivative works based on, the copyrighted work.

How to secure copyright? Publication or federal registration is not required to secure copyright. Copyright exists from the moment an original and creative work is created in a fixed, tangible form of expression and immediately becomes the property of the creator. However, publication and federal registration provide critical benefits to a copyright owner. An application for copyright registration should be filed with the United States Copyright Office.

Copyright is everywhere. So is copyright infringement. In today’s digital and Internet world, copyright infringement occurs more easily than ever. Whether you are a copyright owner or are concerned that you may infringe others’ copyright, Business Law Centre provides sound legal advice so issues can be addressed and your legal rights are maximized. Business Law Centre will also assist you in filing for a copyright registration with the United States Copyright Office, copyright licensing, and other copyright related matters.


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