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You wear two hats: you run a business and you have to manage employees.  As a manager, you have the added burden of knowing and understanding a wide variety of state and federal employment laws.  Business Law Centre is on your side, and we will help you.

We will provide prompt advice to your employment law questions as they arise.
We will draft comprehensive employment law agreements to protect you and your business, such as:
• Employee Policies;
• Confidentiality and Non-Competition Agreements;
• Employment and Service Agreements;
• Independent Contractor Agreements; and
• Consulting and Services Agreements.
We will vigorously protect, defend, and help you resolve employment issues involving:
• Sexual Harassment;
• Workplace Discrimination;
• Employee Defamation;
• Employee Claims Filed with the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries;
• Employee Termination/Wrongful Discharge; or
• Unlawful Employment Practices.

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